What's a tribe?

Your tribe is your wedding lifeline. Having a dress fitting emergency? Your face is breaking out the night before your wedding? The venue called and they are double booked? You can't dial Nine One One for these types of emergencies, but you can press one of your tribe members number in and I bet they will be there in a jiffy. If you choose the right tribe...

Your tribe is your backbone. They are there through the planning, blood sweat and tears. They might have been in your life for months or even years. They also go by the name bridesmaids, groomsmen, family. They are everything. So how do you choose your tribe? After all a good tribe is the line between excellence and regret. Choose your tribe based on support. Your friend Sally has been distant, she doesn't answer your calls and leaves your texts on 'read'. She has been spreading rumors around that you're getting married so fast because you're pregnant. Does Sally need to be in your tribe? The correct answer is NO.

Choose your tribe based on who is there emotionally, physically and wants to see you happy. Some members might be quiet and reserved but that's okay. They are fighting battles for you quietly. Others might be loud and outspoken, that's okay too. They keep you laughing and know how to stand up for you. Your tribe needs to advocate for you. They need to be honest and supportive. Life happens, things get in the way. But your tribe and you will always pick up where you left off. No matter the time that has passed.

Your wedding day is going to be stressful. Obviously right?! So choose the tribe that will help you laugh, chill and push forward. I've seen 'bad tribes' sour the whole day. Don't let your tribe weaken you. You are only as strong as your weakest tribe member. The secret to wedding success is your tribe. Simple as that. They will make your day everything you want it to be. Tribe matters.