It's not scary, i promise

I think we put so much emphasis on this session. And it is IMPORTANT, so it makes sense why. What I can tell you will definitely ease your worries. Babies definitely feed off our emotions so it's so important to try and not stress, although I know it is hard. I am trained with many techniques to help soothe your baby and create the perfect zen environment for him/her. You can trust me enough to nap on my couch while I create magic with your little one, just ask others. They have done it too!

Wide awake shots are okay too mama. Do not worry.

Keep Baby Stimulated

Your little one wants to sleep a lot and that is great! But, on the morning of your shoot try to engage with your little one more than usual. Tickle their toes, hold them and talk to them to try and help them stay awake. This helps them get really tired before their shoot especially if you prefer the relaxed and sleepy shots. But hey, some babies still want to be awake and wide awake shots can be okay too! Every baby is different but keeping your little one stimulated before the shoot is one great way to try and help prepare them for our session together.

when should you feed?

If at all possible it's great to plan to feed either right before you get in the car or when you get to the studio. This is going to depend on how far you are traveling as well. If you are 30 minutes or less, then before you leave will be great. But if your travel time is 1hr plus, we will try to feed once you get to the studio. Sometimes during sessions your little one might require more comfort or a 'top off' as I call it where you feed them a little to help them truly relax and get what we like to call 'milk drunk'. Make sure to pack bottles, diapers and anything else you might need. Due to sensitivities, I do not keep diapers/formula on hand in the studio. We will watch your baby's cues and let your baby lead the way. After all, it's about them.

what should you WEAR?

I LOVE NEUTRALS. They are soft and work so well for up close family shots. I have some gowns that can work for these family studio portraits too. Feel free to pack some comfy clothes as well because I do the family/sibling shots first and then proceed with baby only shots. After family/sibling shots your older kiddos are welcome to play outside or explore if you bring dad or a family member along. This helps to keep the studio calm as well for your little one's solo shots. Weather isn't always permitting for this though which is just fine. You are welcome to bring snacks and/or entertainment for your older kiddos if they need it. I am always happy to help you with outfits as well so don't hesitate reaching out.

I have a large variety of wraps, outfits and sets for little ones. You are welcome to bring any swaddles or outfits you like but I do have professional newborn items as well to get the nice wrapped poses I am known for. If you have items to bring just let me know so I can set up props to work with those items.

I have wraps, props and sets to match any theme.

How do you feel about it?

It's okay to be nervous. I work hard to create the perfectly unique session for all of my sweet studio babes. I am also just a message away so if you need anything don't hesitate reaching out. Every baby is so different. It's perfect to come in with ideas for your session, I love fresh ideas. I will work very hard to make these ideas come to life and in the event that your little one doesn't like the position/prop we will find another way to incorporate it. Babies are just tiny adults and they have a large personality/opinions on things too.

Let's create magic together. I can't wait to meet your little one.