These are the 4 most booked milestones for your Littles. Three months, Six months, Nine Months and One Year. The 3/6/9mo sessions are minis and the 1 year has an option between two session types. The basic session is baby only; singles, cake smash setup and milk bath for up to one hour while the deluxe session session includes; family, individuals, custom cake smash and milk bath that is up to 90 minutes. I use a safe bath oil that gives the "Milk Bath" look to ensure your little ones safety.

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3 Month milestones

Mostly laying down with some propping up depending on neck control. I also have a client closet with outfits that can work for your milestone sessions.

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6 month milestones

Sitting up if able. Can also prop up if not currently sitting without assistance. Check out the client closet with a variety of outfit choices that I happily provide if needed.

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9 month milestones

Sitting and some standing with items if possible. Check out the client closet with outfits for your littles.

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one year and Cake smashes

This is a deluxe session including; Family portraits, individuals of your one year old, a cake smash with a setup made to match your theme and we finish off with a milk or fruit bath. All you have to supply is smiles, cake and special outfits. I do have client closet outfits that are available to any of my clients.

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custom setups for inspiration

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