The time is near

It's getting closer to delivery and what's next on the list? Pictures! Pictures of my ever growing belly and the excitement of bringing another human into the world. Excitement, Anxiety, Fear. All of those words can describe what you're feeling, and they are all completely normal. But wait! Who do I include in my pictures?

decisions, decisions

Isn't that great? A huge part of motherhood is making decisions. Maybe this is your first child? If so, many ,others want to include their significant others into these priceless memories. Maybe this is number two? Three? Four? So how do we include my children. Can I even include them in these pictures?

Yes, A thousand times yes

You're asking if your older children can be included so YES they absolutely can and will be! They are an important piece of the puzzle. While your life is changing, so is theirs. Being a big brother or sister is something to most certainly document. Oh, you're afraid we won't be able to get great pictures? I understand that completely as a mom of two toddlers of my own. BUT, here's the but...THE RIGHT PHOTOGRAPHER WILL. The Photographer who works with children, maybe even has children of their own...they can most certainly capture sweet moments of your children with that beautiful bump. Will you have some funny ones? Some photos of them not looking? Absolutely! As a lifestyle photographer I love to get the real moments along with the posed ones. Kids will never make a session harder, they'll actually add a level of love and fun to the session that we simply couldn't have achieved otherwise. If you want to include your children DO IT! And if you don't that's perfectly fine too. We all are different and that's what is so beautiful.

DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. And find the photographer who most supports you.