Milestone and Child Setups

Available to all clients! Backgrounds and classic setups!

This is my ever growing collection of classic wood setups and themed backgrounds. You can reserve one of these for your next milestone or studio session!

Balloon arches are subject to price increase for regular milestones. Must have 2 week notice if you require one to ensure delivery of items. Any setups with a O N E it can be removed as that is a prop I have specifically for my one year milestones.


I take pride in purchasing high quality backgrounds and setups for my studio sessions! You won't regret choosing me to do your studio portraiture.

White antique wood set

There's nothing antique about this wood but for some reason saying antique or vintage makes anything seem cooler! This is one of my favorite classic setups!

white seamless backdrop

Better than those seamless rubber bands that break every other use! This classic is meant to focus on the best subject!


There's nothing antique about this wood but for some reason saying antique or vintage makes anything seem cooler! This is one of my favorite classic setups!

mule town wood planks

The most rustic wood set I own. I figured it needed a Tennessee name! What better than a local treasure?

Charcoal gray wood set

Not much I can say about this but charcoal makes me think of grilled burgers okay? You'll see a lot of food mentioned here.

Authentic barn wood set

Truthfully it's not authentic barn wood, but it looks like it. That's really all that matters! This set is perfect with and without props. All props shown were specific to this theme but I can change them to your request.

White shiplap setup

SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT! This sweet setup works perfect as just the white shiplap or with these simple props included. I can customize props to match your aesthetic.

I carried a watermelon

I can't believe I just said that! "I carried a watermelon" ugh. The only way to get Watermelon Sugar High is to request this setup in advance if you require a balloon arch!

weathered dark wood

This works great as a standalone or a base to any setup. I love how the wood grain really shows!

Sawdust lane

Get your cutest little lumberjack or Jane onto this drop. It's bound to have you yelling TIMBERRRRR because of how adorable it is!

Pretty Beachin'

If Miranda Lambert made a song about a beach inside my studio, this would be it! I promise.

hey now you're an all star

Get your game on. Go play! Or come play, at the studio and give me those adorable smiles okay?!


A petal for your thoughts? None. Exactly. This backdrop takes your breath away.


There was a bunch of stars and lights and round things. Don't planet out too far in advance. I need a heads up if you want a balloon arch!

If you're not first you're last

I mean in all honesty there is 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively. But hey, Ricky Bobby is never wrong!

always very hungry

You know, kinda like me at midnight while editing these sessions full of food! I am a very hungry caterpillar.

It's a dingle hopper

No forks given for this shoot but hey, I like mermaids. This sweet classic mermaid setup will work with bold or pastel outfits. Balloons can be added to a One Year Milestone but will be extra for standard milestones.

sandy and danny

You better shape up if you wanna plan to use this backdrop for your shooooooot. This is a yearly mini session I offer for a discounted rate but can offer these sessions throughout the year too for full mini price.

Donut Stop Believin'

I mean who doesn't love donuts? The best part about this balloon wall is that they are unpoppable!

hand in the cookie jar

Chocolate chip cookies never looked so good! Beware, when you use this backdrop it will increase cravings and I better not catch you licking my backdrop!

hear me roar!

I'm gonna be Frank with you for a moment, Lisa had her crap together.

we don't talk about bruno

But! It was my wedding day, we were getting ready and there wasn't a cloud in the skyyyyy.

life gives you lemons

You smile for the camera, duh!


What's more to love than this adorable backdrop? You can't ride in my little red wagon1

Gone Country

Blame it all on my roots and my love for country music! You can go back to the wild wild west inside the studio! Cowhide rug is optional!

dark side

Everybody's got a dark side. And let's be real, black is classic!

get your groove on

Bring your bell bottoms and let's get grooovyyyyyy!


Another groovvvyyyyyy backdrop!

the lion sleeps tonight

When the cat's away, the other animals are at play. It's an animal party!

watch me swim, watch me mermaid

Let's go under the sea inside the studio!

a berry-daisy delight

What's better than strawberries? Strawberries with daisies!

adjust my crown

For all the princesses in the house!

oh pooh

And I don't mean the stinky kind. I mean the most adorable honey loving bear around. Or should I say HUNNY?

patrol your paws

No camera too big, no studio too small. Here we go Snaps and Giggles. We are on the case!

sweater weather

The perfect winter backdrop without all the Christmas decor. Grab your sweater, bring your little one and let's have a frosty blast! (Polypaper)

swing batter swing

Take me out to the ballgame. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.

mirror mirror

On the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

let it go

The cold never bothered me anyway. Especially in the warm studio! (Polypaper)

there's a snake in my boot

We are heading back to Andy's room! Woody and Buzz let's make this the best shoot ever! (Polypaper)

the cute lil' bowtique

The cutest setup with the pink bows and gold sequins. Every little girl's dream come true! (Polypaper)

life finds a way

The best Jurassic setup around! Let's bring it back to a time when T-REX ruled!

c is for cookie

Me like cookies! Home is where heart is. Heart where cookie is. Math clear: home is cookie. The cutest backdrop for your little cookie monsters!


A weaved BOHO paradise. Perfectly paired with soft toned clothing!

fresh flower market

It's a perfect floral setup without the allergens! This is such a beautiful Spring/Summer vibe. (Polypaper)

Grandma's garden

Red rose garden in memory of my beautiful grandmother. I can't pick these roses so she would be so happy about that.

big green tractor

Jason Aldean sings it best. What little boy doesn't love tractors? (Polypaper)

gone fishing

Grab your poles, let's go get em! Majority of my life, I would rather be fishing!

the lost slipper

Let all the princesses unite. The slipper has been found and let's celebrate on castle grounds!

burgers and shakes

Let's go back in time with this adorable set. (table not included unless enough interest)

like a g6

Now I'm feeling so fly like a G6. The cutest airplane backdrop. Flowers will be removed and airplane goggles are at the studio!

camera chelle had a farm

E I E I Oooooo. And on this farm I have 4 kids, 3 lizards, 2 birds and 1 dog. How cute is this setup??

its a dolly thing

Dolly loves butterflies and so do I! Isn't this so sweet!

sweet dreams are made of this

Sweetest Zs in this adorable milestone or cake smash set!

rose gold slumber party

Imagine your little one with this super sweet and simple set!

pumpkin carriage

Just like Cinderella, you too are a princess!


And I'm gonna ride it all night long. Do you love to travel? This is the greatest trip you'll take then! No bag packing required, you won't forget your toothbrush today!

roasted marshmallows

I can smell it now. The crisp breeze, the fire burning away and the smell of the mountain air. Add in some marshmallows and it's a little slice of heaven.

take me to the mountains

Feeling a sense of adventure? Me too. If I ever move away, it'll be to the mountains.

must love mushrooms

This reminds me of a fairy forest. It feels happy!

a dream is a wish

Cinderella Cinderella, how we love you Cinderella.

crushed tomatoes

Mmmm pasta please!

a dream is a wish

Cinderella Cinderella, how we love you Cinderella.