Adult + Family Setups

Available to all clients! Backgrounds and classic setups!

These setups work for small families, maternity, portraiture and more!

Please request any of these prior to your session to ensure availability and setup.

I love the growing collection we have here!


I take pride in purchasing high quality backgrounds and setups for my studio sessions! You won't regret choosing me to do your studio portraiture.


White seamless is always a great option!

Caramel mOcha Latte

The perfect swirl of caramel and chocolate to make you hungry for more!

bubblegum pink

A hit of both classy and fun! Bring your birthday shoot to the next level!

milky way magic

The perfect swirl of galaxy to make you POP at your next portrait session.

black + classic

I'm a sucker for simple because it makes you really stand out!

blush floral bouquet

This soft backdrop can work for a wide variety of shoots.

it's a nineties thing

This will bring your 90s Lisa Frank love right back to you! Fun and classic!

knock on the door

You never know what is behind the door unless you knock. This is included in both my child and adult setups gallery. I would love to use this for maternity or senior portraiture.